An In-Depth Look at Mile Marker Winches


For those needing Jeep winches, Jeep Top Depot officially endorses 4 Wheel Drive Hardware as our recommended supplier of Jeep winches, and would like to take a moment to provide an in-depth look at one of their top-selling products from Mile Marker winches.

As a recognized brand in the off road industry, Mile Marker winches have delivered excellent off road performance for many years, and their reliability in recovery situations has even made Mile Marker winches the official recovery tools of the United States Military.

Mile Marker winches are a consistent top-seller at 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, and as such Jeep Top Depot would like to put one of the most popular Mile Marker winches under the microscope.

PE8000 Mile Marker Winches


PE8000 Mile Marker winches have set themselves apart as one of the bestselling Mile Marker winches available. We decided to take a closer look at the PE8000 to try to determine exactly why that is.

Upon further investigation, there’s nothing especially distinctive or progressive about the PE8000. There aren’t any new-fangled features or revolutionary gadgets that make you a latte while your winch pulls a vehicle out of a ditch.

What we did notice, however, is that PE8000 Mile Marker winches have a polish to them that make them one of the most complete Jeep winches around. Details are what set PE8000 Mile Marker winches apart; details like a waterproof control box, illuminated remote control with safety and diagnostic warnings, and an automatic shutdown system place Mile Marker winches among the very best.

Mile Marker sticks to the basics with this one, only they do an impressive job of executing the basics as well as they possible can. This quality-oriented perspective is what places PE8000 Mile Marker winches a cut above the rest.

Main Features:

· 8,000 lb rated line pull, 4.1 horsepower motor, 210: 1 Gear Ratio
· These Mile Marker winches offer a low profile, high clearance design
· Unique standard features like temperature and line out delay warnings

If you are interested in purchasing PE8000 Mile Marker winches, or would like to view an extensive listing of top quality Jeep winches and other Jeep parts, visit 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. With a massive inventory full of top quality gear for all your Jeep and off road needs, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware has the goods.

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