Jeep Tires: Reviewing a Top Jeep Tire Brand-Mickey Thompson

Jeep TopThe industry of Jeep tires is packed with a number of well-known Jeep tire name brands that combine to comprise an extensive lineup of exciting Jeep tire choices for the off-road consumer.

But while having your choice of Jeep tires is fundamentally a good thing, the sheer number of choices alone can get a bit convoluted for the inexperienced shopper.

With this in mind, Jeep Top Depot would like to take a brief look at one of the industry’s top name brands in premium Jeep tires, taking a glimpse at their particular contribution to the business of Jeep tires.

Jeep Tires – Mickey Thompson Company Profile


Typically viewed as the “peoples’ choice” for premium Jeep tires and Jeep tire accessories, Mickey Thompson offers Jeep tire choices that are truly catered to the off-road enthusiast.

Mickey Thompson Jeep tires are all about fun. From their sensible ATZ Radial series, to some hardcore Baja Claw Bias shredders, each Mickey Thompson Jeep tire delivers performance you can get excited about, as they are all crafted with the off-road experience in mind.

The secret behind these Jeep tires is that the engineers and fabrication teams at Mickey Thompson are just as enthusiastic about 4×4 and off-road activities as their customers, and work to achieve a premium standard each and every day.

Mickey Thompson as a manufacturer has a long and storied history of creating professional-grade tires for use in both off-road and racing contexts, with Mickey Thompson himself being an innovative race car driver and designer.

From their aggressive MTZ builds, to radials that give a new meaning to the concept of versatility, Mickey Thompson Jeep tires are the true off-road enthusiast’s tire, with nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience crafted into each one.

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