Choosing Between Soft & Hard Jeep Tops

Wading through a sea of Jeep tops? With so many options, it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in 5 different directions. But choosing a Jeep top doesn’t have to be a painful process as long as you break it down into the features that matter most. The following are some key factors that go into building and buying Jeep tops. By figuring out which of these is most important to you, you can then make an educated decision on whether you should get a soft or hard Jeep top.

1. Ultimate Weather Protection

The yearly blizzard is coming in and you want to make sure it doesn’t destroy all of your cargo and the interior of your Jeep. Or maybe you live in a humid climate where it rains off and on for 75% of the year. No matter what type of extreme weather you’re up against, obviously you want to find Jeep tops that will be able to hand it. This is when you have to ask yourself – no matter how durable, is a fabric Jeep top going to do the trick? If you really want protection from the elements, nothing’s going to beat a Jeep hard top. Made of heavy-duty materials, these Jeep tops will stand strong against whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it, even if it’s pounds and pounds of snow.

Winner: Jeep Hard Tops

  • 2. Open Air Options

    While a Jeep hard top does offer superior weather resistance, it really only has two modes: on and off. In order to truly enjoy the open air on your face, you would have to remove the entire top, which can be cumbersome and awkward. If you’re looking for Jeep tops that can convert easily, or ones that offer more options to begin with, you’ll probably be happier with a Jeep soft top. Not only are there more coverage options, from the very basic bikini top all the way to a full coverage soft top, but they are incredibly easy to remove and roll up in mere moments. If you’re looking for that kind of flexibility, these are your Jeep tops.

    Winner: Jeep Soft Tops

    • 3. Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

      Unfortunately, it’s a pretty crazy world we live in and you just can’t be quite comfortable leaving your belongings out for everyone to see. You never know who’s going to be trustworthy and who’s going to take the opportunity to snatch and run. Jeep tops in general are helpful because if you put an obstacle between your cargo and the potential thief, most people are going to consider it not worth it. However, if someone is more determined, is a Jeep soft top really going to stand in their way? Sure it’s made of durable fabric, but fabric can be cut and ripped if one is motivated enough. Jeep hard tops are far from impenetrable, but the dense material is going to act as much more of a deterrent to any potential criminals.

      Winner: Jeep Hard Tops

    • 4. Keeping Your Wallet Happy

      The heavy-duty reliability of a Jeep hard top is great for giving you peace of mind, but you also need to remember that it will come at a higher price. Generally, these Jeep tops are going to cost a couple thousand dollars. While you are arguably getting more for your money, you may be in a financial position where shelling out that kind of dough just isn’t an option right now. If you really need to make your money count, the available selection of Jeep soft tops will offer many more economical choices.

      Winner: Jeep Soft Tops

    • As you can see, neither hard nor soft Jeep tops really come out ahead of the other. It’s really just a matter of figuring out which type of Jeep top is right for your situation, and hopefully this guide has helped in that endeavor.


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