Smittybilt Jeep Tops Explained

When cruising around the open road in your Jeep, it is a good idea to have a Jeep top equipped. Tops help protect your vehicle from weather and other natural conditions you may encounter. Besides adding comfort to your ride, Jeep tops also add a sense of style. The proper Jeep top can make any Jeep look stunning.

There are a few different types of Jeep tops available on the market including soft tops, hard tops, and bikini/brief tops. Currently, Smittybilt offers hard, soft, bikini, brief, and replacement tops for your Jeep. These come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles for your selection. Choose a Smittybilt Jeep top that is appropriate for you and your Jeep.

Smittybilt soft tops are perfect for summertime due to the fact that they are heat-sealed, which reduces leakage. Soft tops provide cover from the sun while keeping the cab open for fresh air. This can help keep you cool when it is hot outside, while maintaining the inside temperature. They do not require professional installation to set up and are cost-effective. Being so easy to install allows them to have interchangeable skin colors and a variety of unique features. The downside to soft tops is that they are not fully insulated, which leads to noise while driving.

On the other hand, Smittybilt hard tops are made to keep you warm and insulated while protecting your interior from harsh weather conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow. These tops are very strong and built to last. The features of Smittybilt hard top covers can include power windows, rear defrosters, rear vents, UV resistance, dome lighting, mesh pockets, and more. The drawback to these tops is that they generally require professional installation and cost a lot more than soft tops.

Bikini/brief Jeep tops are soft tops modified to enclose the cockpit, while the back remains open and exposed to the elements. They are extremely easy to install and include most of the same add-ons that soft tops have. This is an open air top that gives room to breathe in the summertime, while protecting you during the winter seasons. The only pitfall is that your backseat passengers will not be covered, while the driver and front passenger will.

In essence, there are many types and uses for a Jeep top depending on your environment and how you drive your Jeep. It is best to understand how each top is used before making such a large modification to your vehicle. Read Smittybilt product reviews and try to see which Jeep top is appropriate for your Jeep.

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