Bestop Door Options to go with your Jeep Top

Installing a Jeep top is the first step to protecting your vehicle (and yourself) from nasty weather and greedy passersby. But the process won’t be complete until you pick out a set of Jeep doors for your ride. There are plenty of factors that will influence your decision about which type of doors you want, but no matter which style you choose there’s only one company to go with: Bestop.

With over 50 years in the business of Jeep tops, Bestop knows how to make doors that will complement and enhance each and every top. Any Bestop door you choose will be of the highest quality, so it’s really just a matter of choosing what style you want. Here’s a breakdown of the different Bestop Jeep door styles to help you along the way.

Bestop 2-Piece Soft Doors

If you’re looking for something with versatility, Bestop 2-Piece soft doors are it. No other door offers you 3 easily changeable options: a full door, a half door, or no door. Most Jeepers don’t want to sacrifice that open air driving experience, so 2-piece doors are a fantastic option. If the weather is nice, it just takes a minute to unzip them and give you the freedom you desire.

But it’s the added bonus having either a full or half door that really sets these Jeep doors apart. Upper and lower doors are bound together with Velcro for a quick and easy change. But don’t think that means it won’t hold up against its share of rain – Bestop thought of that too. The doors have weather seals all the way around them to protect you when the weather turns sour. Get them in the same color as your Jeep top for a clean appearance.

Bestop Hard Top Upper Half Doors

If you’re sporting a Bestop hardtop, it means you need Jeep parts that are going to hold up against a little more strain and force. Your Jeep doors need to meet this same high standard, which is where Bestop upper half doors come in. The construction is heavier-duty than soft doors, relying on fiberglass-reinforced plastic for ultimate support. Plus, you get more of a standard layout with a sliding window and armrest.

Like the soft doors, you can also match the half doors to the color of your Bestop hard top. You won’t have as many configurations available, but you will have unparalleled protection for the inside of your vehicle. Between the Bestop hard top and the upper half doors, it’s nigh impossible for bad weather to seep in and it will make it very difficult on anyone trying to steal your precious cargo.

Bestop Half Doors

Now we’re headed to the other side of the Jeep with lower half door options. Bestop has 2 great options to choose from: the Baja half doors and the HighRock Element half doors. If you’d like something to keep in line with your Jeep top, the Baja doors will be your best bet. They’re very similar in design, color, and material for a seamless presentation and solid performance.

If, however, you’d like to venture out a little and get a more rugged, safari look then you may want to consider the Element doors. Their heavy-duty construction gives you fantastic exterior protection from larger objects while still allowing that open airway. Plus, if you want a little bit more protection you can just add the steel enclosure around the element door and keep that debris from flying in. Neither of these options will be the best protection against bad weather, but if you live in an area where you don’t have to worry about that then they’re a great option.

Whether you’re looking for full protection or just a barrier between you and the stray rocks, Bestop has developed an option for just about everyone. And since they’ve made it so easy to match the doors to the rest of your vehicle, you’ll end up with a look that’s both stylish and practical.

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